Multi-function robots: Not only for cleaning, now for protection as well.

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Cleaning Robot

Robots have always been an amazing phenomena synonymous with technological advances, beginning with naughty GOG and his days awry in the celluloid laboratories of the 1950’s. Today, a robot can perform just about any chore you could imagine; clean your house, wipe your nose and practically anything else in between that can be converted into a demand that does not require judgment. Still, whose judgment are we talking about as we survey the newest, multi-tasking cybernauts from KTF and Yujin Robot?

In addition to cleaning your house better than you ever could, now your personal robot co-developed by KTF and Yujin Robot can also guard your house at the same time. This vacuum cleaning, guard dog sends alarm messages to your cell phone when it senses an intruder and can also be programmed to move around outside. KTF provided the mobile technologies while Yujin developed the hardware and software, which permits the robot to detect the motions of objects within its sensor.

This new multi-tasking robot will debut at the BCN Conference to be held next week at the Lotte Hotel in southern Seoul. So far, no price has been disclosed for this cyber Mr. Clean/Pinkerton.

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