Circuit boards find a new life as mini photo albums

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Circuit-Board Photo Album

Have you ever wondered about where your circuit-boards and other electronic waste goes to die after you throw it out? Well, we know the dump where everything else goes is a satisfactory guess, but with everything turning “green” these days, have you ever thought beyond that? Surely, if supermarkets can make benches out of recycled egg cartons (I kid you not), then computer and other electronic waste can be recycled somewhere and somehow, n’est c’e pas?

It would seem that the poorer countries of the world have already figured out how to recycle some of our electronic waste and that now is the time for us not to necessarily come to the aid of our country but rather to learn from some of those who already have (and thus indirectly come to the aid of our country).

Acorn Studios has taken an important initiative by featuring the Circuit-board Mini Photo Album. Made from recycled circuit-boards, it contains six plastic compartments to keep photos clean and scratch-free. It will hold twelve photos size 6 cm x 8 cm, roughly 2″ x 3″.

So get creative, folks, and take a long look around your office and home. What do you have that you might have considered throwing out that can be recycled? (Look away from nasty co-workers and in-laws, as they can’t count no matter how much you may want them too!)

Seriously, folks, think green. Our planet desperately needs us to, and this is one solution whose formula cannot be found by plugging it into a search engine.

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