Windows Mobile soon to get Windows Vista Sideshow support?

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Windows Vista Slideshow in Window Mobile

A new SDK has been discovered on the Windows Sideshow Team blog that makes it seem like Sideshow may possibly be supported on Windows Mobile devices in the future. The newly discovered SDK has a few new features that include:

  • Portrait QVGA UI designed for remote controls
  • New Universal driver for Windows SideShow that supports USB and Bluetooth communication
  • New Bluetooth menu commands

Sideshow is software that currently works with both laptop and desktop computers running Windows Vista and allows for information to be viewed or checked on a smaller secondary screen without opening up or accessing the main display.  With Sideshow you can check information such as email, media player status and more. Currently this is still just a rumor, but with the new features that are listed its a rumor that has a ring of truth. Of course the bigger mystery would be just how Microsoft plans to add this into a Windows Mobile device.

Via [Boy Genius Report]

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