Confirmed: Firefox for Windows Mobile

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firefox mobileApparently someone is listening to my cry, and those of the chained masses with Microsoft Windows Mobile phones. Firefox has confirmed it is working on first a Linux version, followed by Windows Mobile 6 version. No timeframe has been given.

Christian Serjersen of Mozilla tells us through his blog that a Symbian version will come down the line as well. He lays out the goals of the program as:

  1. provide Mozilla’s standards-based open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, that can be embedded by device manufacturers and others;
  2. a full-featured mobile browser including support for XUL-based add-ons, delivering on Firefox’s key principles of ease-of-use, security and accessibility;
  3. grow the Mozilla community in the mobile space;
  4. provide tools and documentation to help developers develop, debug and deploy web applications;
  5. do all of this work in the shared Mozilla source repositories so all platforms, desktop and mobile benefit each other

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  • Martin

    excellent! I was waiting for this
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  • Steve Ballmer

    This crap is bad enough on a computer, stay away from this!

  • mozilla firefox download

    steve, you find firefox crap? i think that browser is nifty. but yeah, i havent tried it on my phone…