Zune 80 boasts mediocre battery life compared to 80GB iPod Classic

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Zune 80 and 80GB iPod Classic

The Microsoft Zune 80 is in a lot of ways better than Apple’s 80GB iPod Classic, however, when it comes to battery life, the iPod Classic is still cranking out those tunes while the Zune 80 is dead. CNET tested out the Zune 80, and concluded that the battery life isn’t anywhere near the 30 hours Microsoft claims it has.

With the Wi-Fi turned off on the Zune 80, it gets around 22 hours of battery life. This is not a bad battery life, as it is up from the 13 hours on the original 1st generation Zunes, but when compared to the iPod Classic’s 45 hours, it’s clearly beat. Now, with the Wi-Fi turned on, it only has around 18.5 hours. If you’re debating whether to get a Zune 80 or the 80GB iPod Classic and if battery life is important to you, the iPod 80GB Classic might be the one you want.

A question CNET asks is whether the screen size plays an important factor in this. The Zune 80 has a much bigger screen than the iPod Classic, so maybe that’s why. What are your thoughts?

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  • Bill Gates

    The Zune 80 has a much bigger screen than the iPod Classic, so maybe that’s why.

    No shit.

  • Jaxim

    The Zune has finally surpassed the iPod in many ways. I think it looks better and the screen is much better for watching video. Now Microsoft just needs to tweak the firmware/software to close the gap. Hopefully the 3rd version of the Zune will totally surpass the Apple products in terms of these kinds of tests.