Samsung brings mobile RFID chip to market; Big Brother is pleased

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Samsung will have a new RFID chip coming to market soon that is is tailor made for the mobile market. The 6.5mm x 6.5mm chip will be able to interface with RFID tags built into various items like movie posters or tourist exhibits allowing services and products to be sold to you wherever you go.

“RFID chip reader systems allow consumers to pull context-specific information into their mobile devices while on the go”, says Dr. Chilhee Chung, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics System LSI division.

True enough, though privacy advocates may point out that the same RFID chip could be used to track you wherever you go whether you want it to or not. One the other hand this type of system may be able to pinpoint your wants and needs for better than the ham handed advertising that we currently suffer through.

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  • Joe Gomillion

    Truth is, the abilty to track your every move already exist in your cell phone witha technology called GPS. RFID is no new technology used for this specific application, should someone (big brother) be trying to track your every move. RFID just happens to be the hottest buzz word in the wireless industry right now and all the conspiracy theroist are hopping on the bandwagon and using this newest four letter word to get their message out. People should take the time to really learn more about a technology and its capabilities before branding it the mark of the devil or sign of Big Brother.
    Joe T. Gomillion II