Cyber Monday brings in big bucks for online retailers

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Cyber Monday Credit Cards

Online holiday shopping is on the rise this year with both Cyber Monday and also early November shopping showing some good numbers. Cyber Monday brought in an estimated $733 million for online retailers, which is a 21 percent increase over last year and also sets a record for Cyber Monday. Sales beginning from the beginning of November are also higher than previous years with an estimated $10.74 billion spent so far, which is up 17 percent over the same period last year.

A drawback with online shopping, but something that could be compared to waiting in long lines is a slow down of websites due to the extra traffic. According to Internet performance analysis company Keynote Systems “10 out of the 30 major retail sites it monitors” had “significant slowdowns.” Sites like Overstock and Circuit City saw an increase of over 130 percent over normal traffic.

Personally given the choice between long lines and crowds I would choose a slower than normal website any day.

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