PSP Holiday Gift Guide 2007

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As the PSP gaming console is determined to be a big hit this year, it will be equally important to provide the gamers on your holiday gift list with games that are just as exciting as the Sony console.

When it comes to strategy and RPG games, Jeanne D’Arc is a top contender. Prior to the release of this game, there was a notable lack of strategy games for the PSP. With a unique fantasy twist, Jeanne D’Arc is based loosely on the heroine of the past, Joan of Arc. Another great strategy RPG game to consider would be Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

If the gamer on your list is more into horror or thriller games, Silent Hill: Origins may be just what you are after. The first Silent Hill game made for the PSP, it is a comfort to know that all the characteristics which made the Silent Hill franchise such a success on other consoles are still present and accounted for in the PSP version. Manhunt 2 is another action game that may interest PSP owners and gamers.

For those players focused on Action, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters is a can’t-miss. Loaded with fun and wild weapons, Ratchet and Clank travel around the galaxy, mini-games and solid mechanics help to ensure that this game will appeal to virtually any PSP player. Sid Meier’s Pirates is another Action themed PSP game that may be a great selection for the Action obsessed on your holiday list.

With such diverse options for the selection of PSP games this holiday season, it is possible – and enjoyable – to find the ideal PSP game choice for any PSP owner.

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  • Chad28

    Dont forget possibly the greatest SRPG ever Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness, im playing that right now an its awesome.

  • James

    Before i visited your post i was just knowing little bit about SRP's and RPG's.
    But my my answer got from your such a great post.