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The Nintendo DS Platform has a number of great games out and just in time for the holidays! By the end of the year, there will have been more than 400 games released for the DS, which can make shopping for the DS a little difficult. If you are shopping for a DS gamer and need some suggestions on what to purchase, here are some of the top games you might want to consider!

Some of the classic games, which are those that were released as far back as November 2004 (when the DS was launched) but still offer loads of entertainment for those who might have missed getting any of them, include NEW Super Mario Bros., Pokemon: Diamond Version and Animal Crossing Wild World.

Here are some options for DS games that are targeted specifically for children who own the DS. These include Chibbi Robo: Park Patrol, Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (featuring Daffy Duck), and the adventure game Touch Detective 2 ½.

Meanwhile, when shopping for individuals that are specifically interested in adventure or role playing games, gift-buyers might want to consider Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Luminous Arc or Rune Factory. Some of the most likely RPG games to drawn gamers in, each of these has a different and separate type of RPG world to display.

And since DS games are not just appreciated by younger audiences, Dementium: The Ward, Ultimate Mortal Kombat and LifeSigns: Surgical Unit are some great options for mature players who are interested in adventure, fighting or simulation games, respectively.

For some more in depth information regarding the games mentioned above check out our sister site Gamertell.

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