Gizmo Project updated; adds video calling with a new look

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Gizmo Project Video Calling

The Gizmo Project has released version 4.0 beta for Windows, which includes video calling as well as a “Whole New Look”:

“Video Calling is just one of several enhancements in this brand new release. You’ll find a sleek new interface that makes it even easier to interact with your friends and business associates.”

Although it is Windows only at the moment they say a Mac version is coming soon, which means it can be compared to iChat! This is a pretty brave move in my opinion as iChat is pretty impressive AND the whole video IM market is pretty well covered, but they seem to believe that their features will win you over:

  • Video Calling – Make free video calls, even if only one person has a webcam.
  • Completely Redesigned Interface – Even easier to use, with an enhanced contact list.
  • Meta-IM – Chat with AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live, GTalk, iChat and more.
  • Group Chat – Communicate as a group in real-time.
  • File Sharing – Instantly share files on your computer with family and friends.
  • Custom Avatars – Customize your Gizmo profile with a personal photo.
  • Tabbed Chat Interface – Organize all your live chats within one window.
  • Chat Logging – Record and save chat sessions you can read again later.

It is free to download and also works on the Nokia N800/810 tablets. So if you are a Windows user you may as well give it a go, and see what us Mac users have been enjoying for years now!

Via [GizmoProject]

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