Google goes collaborative with Maps

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Google is a very successful company and a great deal of this success comes from their innovative ideas. Their latest development is a collaborative feature added to Google Maps. The success of the My Maps add-on lies with the users. While Google has made it available, it is up to the individuals looking for maps to make the best use out of it. Primarily, this feature allows individuals to create custom designed maps, and then open up that specific map for other users to view, edit or examine.

Traveling cross country is great – but sometimes individuals can be confused as to where to stop and how to get there in the most gas (and therefore, cost) efficient manner. The Google My Maps application can help in this area because it allows individuals to add their own points of interest. From there, the map can be sent to other members attending this cross-country expedition. Able to see the same map, they can add more points of interest, save the new version and share this updated version with everyone else going on the trip once more.

However, the map does not just have to be sent to specific individuals. It is possible to upload the map one created to Google and allow it to be accessed by anyone using the map site. While many benefits regarding this feature remain to be seen via the creative output of Goggle My Maps users, it is a great idea for creating hiking trails, bike paths and other recreational activities

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