Nokia’s “Comes With Music” program offers free music

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Nokia Comes With Music Mobile Music Service

Nokia has announced “Comes With Music,” their latest music service that offers a free year of unlimited music with the purchase of a Nokia device. Initially the service will launch with only Universal Music onboard, however Nokia is already in talks with the other major labels. So far this seems to be a great offer, currently there has not been any mention DRM or advertising, it seems to be just a free music offer, well free with purchase anyway.

“We set out to create the music experience that people are telling us they are looking for – all the music they want in the form of unlimited downloads to their mobile device and PC,” said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Multimedia, Nokia.

The interesting part of this offer is that, according to the press release, “once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.” This offer is set to be launched in mid-2008, currently there is no word on pricing should you want to keep the service after the first year. There also was no mention of which device will qualify for the service, or if it will hopefully be any Nokia device.

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