HP remains on top for notebook sales with Acer set to overtake Dell for number two

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Acer is set to pass Dell in the notebook sales market, which would move them up to the number 2 position with Hewlett-Packard remaining in the top spot. HP has shipped 6.2 million notebooks last quarter which is up 72 percent from the year before.

Dell remained in the number 2 position at 13.8 percent market share with Acer creeping up at 12.8 percent, HP currently has 21.4 percent overall. Its safe to say that the recent purchase of both Gateway and Packard-Bell have helped Acer grow because with those combined Acer hit a combined 16.2 percent market share, which would put them in the number 2 postition.

DisplaySearch, a market research firm is reporting that overall notebook sales increased 24 percent during Q3 of 2007 and 42 percent in the last year.

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