Gadgetell Giveaway: Logitech MX Air wireless mouse

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Gadgetell Giveaway holiday blow-out
Logitech MX Air wireless mouse
Gadgetell is giving away a Logitech MX Air wireless mouse as part of our Gadgetell Holiday Blow-out.

To enable effortless in-air navigation, the new mouse combines three important technologies – Freespace motion-control, gesture command and wireless – so people can point, select and play media files with just a flick of the wrist. In place of a traditional scroll wheel, the MX Air mouse features a touch-sensitive scroll panel. Media functions such as Play/Pause, Volume/Mute, Back and Select can be easily accessed in the air by pressing the large, orange backlighted buttons with the thumb.

To enter: Via the comment form below, tell us who would give your Pentop to, and why (what will they use it for).

This giveaway will close on Tuesday, January 31 at 11:59pm EST, then we’ll pick the winner at random. MSRP: $149.99.

Click here for a full list of rules.

Find out more via our sponsor: Logitech

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  • heather

    this seems i'd most likly keep it for myself

  • Melvyn

    Wow – many wives have a chance of benefitting from this giveaway! Mine too. I'd give it to my wife as a much better controller for the PC in our entertainment system.

  • Ennis Thompson III

    I'd give it to my wife to use with the media center I plan on buying her this xmas.

  • Sam Jackson

    I think you messed up the directions on this one, since this isn't the pentop. The pentop I'd give to my cousin or sister for school, the logitech I'd give to my mom for her business presentations.

  • Amish man

    I've wanted one of these for a long time. Great for speeches and demonstrations!

  • Jaxim

    I'd give it to my wife. We use Windows Media Center as a Media Hub and this would be a great mouse to use with Media Center.

  • Lesha

    My tech savvy fiance would love this. He would like the fact that it plays media files. :)

  • robert skeen

    my brother does a lot of ppt demonstrations

  • Timothy Selig

    cooool mouse!

  • Shams

    This would be great to have when using a media center or giving a presentation!

  • Tony T.

    This is just to cool. I don't know, you've got writers cramp,mouse cramp and I don't think this would make me cramp up!!.
    I like, I like a lot…

  • danny

    id give to my brother would make a cool gaming mouse

  • Mary Cottingham

    I guess I could give it to my dad while he is in cardiac rehab… BUT this would be great for surfing the 'net without antagonizing my wrist, and it's TFCC tear.

  • Adam

    This one would have to go to me. I need a mouse that has custmizable buttons. Plus the sleek look, and touh pad. Oooh!

  • Jennifer

    wow. that's just cool!

  • Tony G

    I'd have to give it to my wife, because she's a complete techno-moron and this would be one more amazing gadget she'd have no idea how to use, but it might be so cool that she couldn't help but start playing around until she figured it out and said…thanks!

  • NJT

    I just bought a 37" monitor, so a mouse like this would allow me the freedom to surf the web without having to sit down right next to the screen.

  • Hsin-jen Hoh

    That's one cool mouse/remote!
    Think some confusion between the MX and pentop here.
    For the Logitech, would probably give it to my elder brother who's always out meeting clients and giving presentations.
    For the Pentop, once again for my younger brother for taking notes in Uni and music creation.

  • Reeva

    who would i give it to?? I'd keep it for myself! Sorry, wouldn't be able to give this puppy away :) to win it..

  • Ken Fishbein

    I would give it to my grandaughter who would use it for school.

  • Aravind

    I'll give this to my jewel of my life. Its my MOM she will use this for her
    school. She is a teacher teaching a lot of poor students. Maybe this will be useful for her.

    Hope i'll gift her!!!

  • jasen

    I would use this on my laptop. I've always wanted one of these but it was kind of expensive… I hope i win.

  • Joshua Dwight

    I would give it to my pastor, He goes all over the world preaching the gospel, and this would go perfect with his mac. He has provided me years of marriage counseling.. it would be a way to give back to him..

  • sadfds

    I guess I could give it to my dad while he is in cardiac rehab .<a href="; title="汽车教学设备">汽车教学设备,<a href="; title="抽湿机">抽湿机

  • Crystal

    I'd give it to my dad.

  • michael webster

    i would give this excellent mouse to my younger sister ciara as all she ever really can do now after her car crash is lay by her computer

  • slym

    This is really a great gadget works well even in air, although pointer fixer goes missing which is there in gyration series but big size pointer compliments.
    I look forward but hope to buy when it will be good for my wallet.

  • Danny Davis

    I am not sure if this giveaway is still current; however, I could really use a wireless mouse; as I have some tendinitas issues in both arms.

  • Suman

    If I was rich or lucky i d gift this to me as It'll help me do graphic design and earn better !