Smallest chips in the world soon on their way!

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Can you imagine technology chips that contain transistors with features just 32 billionths of a meter wide? I can’t, but seven of the leading chip manufacturers in the world can and have joined forces to collaborate on the next generation of chips.

“IBM, Toshiba, AMD, Samsung, Chartered, Infineon and Freescale have formed the alliance to cut development costs.”

Known as “pre-competitive collaboration” this is great news – combine to create affordable chips and then compete on brand, customer service, value added services etc.

To give you an idea of the costs involved a fabrication plant costs up to $3 billion to build, and Intel are going to build up to three of them, all funded by themselves! They can afford it and believe it is worth it to avoid any coordination issues. Either way with both options in play we the consumer should be in for some quicker, smaller and hopefully cheaper chips!

Via [BBC]

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