Nokia’s “Comes With Music” also comes with DRM

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Nokia Comes With Music

Nokia’s recently announced Comes With Music service is not quite as perfect as we originally hoped for. Thanks to some digging from Ars Technica we now know the free music service is going to be filled with DRM. The tracks will be using the PlaysForSure DRM, which will severely limit how you can enjoy that free music. You will be limited to listening on your Nokia device and prevented from using another device such as your Zune or iPod and will be required to upgrade any tracks that you may want to burn to a CD. While that alone sounds bad, its at least in line with other subscription based services and should not be that surprising, but in order to renew your subscription and continue enjoying your free music you will have to purchase a new device.

While we should not be surprised that DRM is included in a service like this, it is still surprising, a lot of people (myself included) are now associating Universal with DRM-free music thanks to their tracks in places like the Zune Marketplace or iTunes Store. I guess there really is no such thing as free. Its sad because Nokia has some great devices and this really could have been their chance to do something great with a subscription based music service.

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