Continental accepting a cell phone as boarding pass

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Continental Cell Phone Boarding Pass

Technology and how its used should not really come as a surprise any more, it seems like every day that a new use seems to come about. Sometimes they catch on and sometimes they fade away, this is one that I hope will catch on.

Continental has begun testing using mobile phones or PDA’s as a customers boarding pass. Currently passengers in Houston will be able to use this new service simply by showing a code that the airline sent to your phone or PDA. The code is a two-dimensional bar code with a jumble of squares and rectangles that stores your name and flight information. That bar code will be scanned by the TSA for authenticity and you will still also be required to have photo identification. According to a TSA official this system will assist screeners in stopping fake boarding passes.

The test period is expected to last three months after which it could expand nationwide. Currently the new electronic tickets are limited to passengers traveling alone, however Continental is working on a system that will allow multiple passengers (a family) to check-in. Continental is the first airline in the US to use this system, however Air Canada has been using this since September.

This would also give a good reason to make sure you have a fully charged or possible spare battery, the last thing we would need it to miss your flight because you drained your battery, of course this has been considered and passengers can get a paper boarding pass by checking in with an agent, but with the typical long lines that could make for a nasty delay.

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