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dahon smooth hound

For 2008, Dahon introduces the Smooth Hound. The bike is a healthy mix between dorky-looking fold up bikes and Italian road bikes. The result is easy on the eyes and does it part for global warming, less crowded city streets and just maybe some exercise. Ugh.

There is just something about this bike I really dig. Maybe it is the BioLogic handlebar that allows multiple hand postions. It’s easy to shoulder, for porting up steps and folds up thin and small in just 10 seconds, according to Dahon. To boot, it will fit in an… airline legal case making it perfect for jet-setters; you’ve not lived until you’ve tooled around a big foreign city on a bike.

Weight is a respectable 23lbs. Cost is equally respectable at $849. The leather Brooks saddle is not only eye candy, it forms to your back-end in time. It’s even got a secret pump hidden in the seat tube, because learning the German phrase for “I jumped over train tracks and now need to fix a flat” just isn’t worth the effort.

Product Page: [Dahon]

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