USPS adds surcharge to Netflix: How long till the rates go up?

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Netflix has been getting some unwanted attention from the USPS lately, namely because of their custom mailers that are used to send those DVD’s back and forth. In the past Netflix has been pretty good about staying competitive and lowering pricing, however it seems that the customers may soon be seeing an increase.

The USPS has given Netflix a 17 cent per envelope surcharge to help cover the trouble that they have with those mailers. According to the USPS the mailers regularly cause their sorting machines to get clogged, estimating that nearly 70% will get damaged and either damage the equipment or cause a mis-sort. This means that Netflix will now average 35 cents per customer instead of $1.05. Sounds like we will either be seeing some new envelopes or a price increase.

Via [Wired Gadget Lab]

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