Tindo: The world’s first solar-powered electric bus

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Tindo Solar-Powered Bus

From the land “down under” in a place called Adelaide, Australia, comes the world’s very first solar-powered electric bus. While it would seem to be a magical place or at least one of surrealist fantasy, this small city is just a corner of the world with some caring and clear-headed thinkers concerned with the ecological future of their land and the world. Created by a New Zealand company named Designline International, the Tindo bus is not only powered 100% by solar energy, (from a BP Solar-sourced photovoltaic station), it also offers its 42 lucky passengers the ride for free!

It got its name, Tindo, from the word for sun in the Kaurnian language, a native people of the Adelaide Australia area. The bus is unique and features high quality, state-of-the-art components sourced from some of the world’s leading transport and technology companies including MAN and Siemens. The bus doesn’t have a combustion engine, which makes it a very quiet, zero emissions vehicle.

According to the Adelaide City Council”

“The solar electric bus and the recharging system at the Adelaide Central Bus Station represent a significant investment into a sustainable future for the City of Adelaide, while providing leadership in public transport options for cities around Australia.”

Wouldn’t you LOVE to go for a ride on this very special bus?

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