Wireless navigations comes to the lowly toothbrush; Oral-B goes high tech

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oral b smartguide and triumph

Oral B has solved the quandry, “did I brush my left bottom molars?” By incorporating RFID and a wireless LCD screen, the new Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide gives you a real time indication of where you’ve missed. And to show a job well done, it winks at you.

Are you brushing too hard? Need to know when to recharge or replace the head all together? Oral-B has got you covered with a sensor to let you know just that. Microchips in the handle relay info via RFID to the LCD screen. Sensors in the bristles relay info to the chips. Somewhere, somehow, this is all being recorded by Langley.

The feature list:

The palm-size wireless display provides real-time feedback such as brushing time, when to brush a different mouth quadrant, brushing modes and when to replace the brush head.
Pressure Sensor Alert. Studies show that excessive brushing can lead to early gum recession. An icon on SmartGuide is displayed when you are applying too much pressure to your teeth and gums.
Optimal Brushing Habits. With Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide, you are up to four times more likely to brush the entire dental-recommended two minutes than with a manual brush.
Improved Gum Health. Triumph with SmartGuide improves gum health by helping to prevent and reverse gingivitis.

On sale now, $149.99. Hit the link for your chance to win one of a 100 they are giving away.

Product page [Oral-B]

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