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“He has the perfect face for radio” used to be such a great way of telling someone they were less than good looking, but it looks like that may no longer be an option as more and more radio stations are looking at broadcasting pictures at the same time.

Whether it be broadcasting images to support a concert, having a web cam running during a chat show, or streaming YouTube style content in the background, stations like the BBC in the UK are striving to make the most of the high quality, portable video devices (that would be the iPod and mobile phone) that todays radio listeners are using more and more.

I have to say I don’t like this. Sport commentary is so much better on the radio simply because there aren’t any pictures for the commentator to ‘hide’ behind. I tend to think that when you put a camera in front of someone the dynamics of an interview change, people become more self conscious and the interview becomes less of an ‘informal’ chat.

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  • Davin Peterson

    iPod's don't have a radio tuner, but Creative's Zen do have a FM Tuner. So you should metion the Zen instead of the iPod

  • Davin Peterson

    What about the Creative Zen?
    iPod's don't have an FM tuner, but Creative Zen's and other mp3 players do as well.

    Creative invented the iPod interface. Zens are better than iPods.