Mog teams with Rhapsody, brings mainstream music

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Until now you probably haven’t heard of the site Mog, which is a music site to listen, share and discover new music, but now they have a good reason to get to know them.

Before, Mog was a site for music junkies to visit and talk about music, and share YouTube videos of popular songs with others who have a similar passion for music. Now, they have moved on to provide users with Rhapsody music. By teaming with Rhapsody, you can either get a $10 per month PC subscription, or get a 25 free listens per month account.

They have also added a fast search engine within the site that will search for whatever song you want. It can even find songs that you might not be able to play and it will tell you whether you will be able to hear it or not. This site looks to be an online music site that all music lovers should try out.

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