Zu Audio Driud Mk. IV speakers: Slim, sleek, powerful

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Zu Speakers

These “power towers” by Zu have the highest standards and are still set at the lower end of high-end pricing. Which end is really up is not in question, as one enjoys the Zu’s many features, which include a center channel, surround speakers and subwoofers for home theater fans. It should be noted, however, that the Zu Driud is a large speaker at 50-inches tall, 11-inches wide and 6.3-inches deep.

Almost all of the parts of the Zu speakers are made in the US, including the Druid’s 10-inch woofer and tweeter, although they are finished in Ogden, Utah. The speakers are unique from others in that they feature a copper clamping system to secure cables instead of the typical speaker wire-binding posts. Also, unlike other speakers that utilize a round port to augment their bass output, the Driud’s cabinet uses a unique bass tuning system. The entire bottom of the cabinet is open, and this unusual design relies heavily on the space between the bottom of the speaker and the floor.

The Driud Mk.IV sound is like that on no other speaker; far more musical and life-sized than many of its competitors. The Driud makes a strong, in-your-face statement, but it is not a perfect speaker, by any means. Some users have complained that the bass quality and quantity are at times inconsistent, but most have been happy with its output.

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