OLPC XO laptop: A kids view

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OLPC XO Laptop

The XO laptop has been all over the news (and this site) like a rash not least the ignorant comments made by John Dvorak so it was interesting to read this review from a 9 year old boy in the UK.

More interested in computer games the XO laptop was given to an an apparently opinionated young chap, his initial reaction was somewhat lukewarm, “looks fun,” but having been shown how to log onto the wireless network and then left alone he soon got the hang of it.

First up he found the games, “I found Block Party. It’s like Tetris. I’m now up to Level 7.” Next he found Paint, which seemed to be a hit, until he found Etoys, the animation application. “That’s my favorite. You make things. You can see tutorials and demos. Then you can make a new project. I’ve made a crazy UFO which you can move.”

So the fun side gets a thumbs up, what about the educational side of things? He discovered the calculator and realized that it “can be rather useful for sums.” Not content with just the calculator and games he quickly realized how to get onto the internet, where “you can watch and learn stuff.”

Last but not least – neighborhood and the ability to chat on line seemed to get two thumbs up! He even quickly made and is learning to communicate with friends from far, far, away.

Via [BBC]

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  • Barb

    I bought 2 of these laptops when they had the buy one for $400 and another gets sent to a child in a third-world country. I really had a tough time with it myself, and my 5 year old prefers to use my windows xp laptop to get to I finally sold it on Ebay for $200.

    Although the XO was not for me or my family, I think the idea is wonderful and I very much wanted to be a part of helping children in the world become computer literate.