Americans spending more for cell phones than land lines

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Americans are now ditching their land lines more and more, and 2007 is set to become the first year that many people have spent more for cell phone service than a regular, more traditional land line.

Government data shows that during 2006, US households spent about $524 on cell phones with about $542 for home land line service and estimates are showing that for 2007 those numbers will have switched with cell phone service now on top.

It was not even that long ago, in 2001, that consumers were spending nearly three times on home service than on cell phone service. Estimates now report that there are currently about 170 million land lines in use with about 250 million cell phones.

”Frankly, I’d be shocked if (households) don’t spend more on cell phones at this point,” said Andrew Arthur, vice president of market solutions at Mediamark Research & Intelligence.

A switch like this could have many reasons however and not mean that people are all together ditching the land line, personally my house spends a lot more on cell phone service, but that includes our basic home service as compared to our mobile phones with data plans.

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