Asus ships 350,000 Eee PC’s, now coming to Best Buy

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Family with Eee PC

The Eee PC has surpassed some expectations on just how many would ship. Many had estimated that Asus would have shipped 300,000 at this point, but Asus has topped that and shipped around 350,000. Some would say that number could have been higher had we not seen so many retailers having to display the dreaded out-of-stock. While the Eee PC is still fairly new and still has a large amount of hype, it should be interesting to see if these numbers continue or fizzle out.

Beginning in 2008 the Eee will also be available in Best Buy retail locations in the US and also become available in Japan, which should only help to further increase these number, assuming that Asus can crank them out fast enough.

Via [ubergizmo]

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