Rumor: 128GB USB Drive in China?

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Sony 64GB

In the States, you rarely see any giant USB drives, especially the likes of a 128GB or a 64GB, which they reportedly have in China. This person first saw the 64GB and 128GB in a market in Zu Hai, which is near Macau. He thought that this couldn’t be real and that it was a misprint or a joke. However, here’s the funny part, he soon found out that his own dad owned a 64GB USB drive. He quickly plugged it into the computer and he found that it was true.

It had indeed registered to be a real 64GB USB drive. This leads me to wonder why Sony, who had created the 64 and 128GB in China, only has a 8GB here. One of those big daddy’s here would be nice. I wonder how much one of those costs in China. Do you guys think that these are real?

Via [Gizmodo]

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  • Gerry

    Hi there from Dublin Ireland,

    Just got back from Hong Kong and took a trip across to Shenshen in mainland China and I bought a 32gb in blue and a 128 gb sony vaio usb
    in black, paid 400 hk dollars for both about €36, not bad when the shops in HK were looking for 650 HK Dollars for a one 16gb. Both are working fine with no problems so far.

  • Hunlucky

    Sorry these are fake. Try filling them and you will soon see… I am examining a 128GB sony vaio usb. Fake as fake can pretend to be.

  • Matt

    Yes, absolutely fake. I bought my sony branded 128gb stick in Shenzhen. I paid 80RMB and appears to the real item until I try to fill it. I don't know how they do it, but it is a total rip-off!

  • wesley lew

    just bought 2x 128gb sony vaio usb in Shenzhen for HK$150. both dont work. one register 127gb when inserted, but could not format or store data. I now find out I was ripped off badly.

    They had also 256gb and 512gb drives for sale. Tried to talk me into buying.

    Didn't as I suspected I could have a problem and didnt want to burn more money. $AUD 25 was bad enough.

    All visitors to China, beware. Everywhere had these usb drives on display and for sale

  • me

    I also bought fake Sony vaio usb drive in Shenzhen, first shop on the right side of the exit from the Hong Kong. Maybe someone knows where to complain about this shop?

  • Keoki

    Has anyone tried the Kingston brand?

  • joey

    same thing happened to me….
    i feel ripped off…
    i tried copying some stuff onto it.
    i could copy close to a couple of GB.
    but after that, all the files i copied became corrupt an could not be played.
    i tried formatting on 3 different computers but it didnt work.

  • Mike

    These are absolutely fake. I just returned from a business trip in Shenzhen last week where I bought the "Vaio" brand 128 GB USB drive for 100RMB. It checked out fine when the salesperson kindly put it into a computer to verify it showed 117 GB available. Then when I got back to the hotel, it wouldn't copy anything without showing a "corrupt file" error and then stop the copy process. Somehow, they are able to make it read as if it has big space available on it, but it's a fake fake fake!

    They wouldn't give me a receipt during the purchase and said they would only exchange for another one if this didn't work out as expected. That should have clued me into the fake. However, I went back the same night, slammed it on the counter top and said loudly so everybody around could hear clearly, "Bu Hao!" (meaning "no good"). The salesperson gave me my money back because it was so soon after the purchase (about 2 hours) Oh well…live and learn.

  • anon

    I got taken for a couple of 2gb drives pretending to be 4gb, on, yep, you guessed it – eBay.
    Fill 'em up and it all gets corrupted.
    They have modified firmware that reports to windows that they are bigger than they are … then you add data to fill itup and it's OK to the piont of the actual size, but then randomply corrupts that data as you put more on.
    eBay actually arn about buying CHinese flash drives these days !

    However, it is possible to format them. Though not easy.
    I figured out their actual size and partitioned it off to that size.

    Mine went from 4gb to 2gb.
    However, not long after this … I saw 32gb drives for sale and you can bet they were 2gb also !

    I'm not putting my email addy in here but I will monitor this thread.
    If anyone wants to know, put yours in and I'll email you !


  • John

    If it looks to good to be true it probably is, stick to Taipei, Taiwan. They have the biggest, cheapest real drives I have seen. 64GB Iomega for about $50USD or 1750NT. If anything is over 128GB at this point it is still totally faKe. I bought a 240GB from Shanghai just for a kick in the pants, it was about $10USD! haha.

  • yeah

    yep, sony vaio 128gb fro HK… REALLY fake… Waste of money…

  • haurdik

    even i have bought 2x 256gb sony vaio usb drives….but they load information and videos but everytime we remove the drive and insert it back…. and all info is gone… many times it needs to be formatted again……is der any way to format it once and ucse it on all laptops…please suggest if anyone could help out.,..thanks

  • kevin

    Has anyone had any luck with purchasing even a simple 2g usb from china or hong kong?

  • Luisin

    IF u format this things to ntfs in windows u lost it. Because windows don`t have the capacity to undertand a ufd that big… use mac osx to do the dirty work. format in ms-dos = fat32 as it came from factor. or try create a simple volume in windows & shrink it to 32GB & try to format in NTFS. u will get a little speed but a lot of free space unussable. sorry 4 my english .