Glass loudspeakers – seriously!

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Anyone that has seen the glass shatter in response to the high pitch of the opera singer is bound to be as bemused as I am about the concept of a glass loud speaker.

Waterfall Audio specializes in high end, expensive, handcrafted glass speakers. They are a French company with a pretty cool outlook on design and promotion. Their latest speakers are the $5,400 a pair Victoria Evo and the $3,900 a pair Iguasçu Evo, named after the famous waterfalls in Africa and South America.

Design and production are at the heart of the 11 year old company:

Waterfall’s designs feature dramatic enclosures that are individually handcrafted entirely of glass, which produce the visual effect of drivers that seem to “float” invisibly in the room……….These include a combination of advanced computer-controlled diamond and water-jet glass cutting techniques that result in unprecedented precision and finish quality.

These new speakers are 40 inches tall, and 10 inches wide and feature drivers designed and manufactured by French partner Atohm which allow high quality low-distortion output. Both speakers have “integrate internal stretched driver wiring that virtually disappears within each speaker’s angles and edges, keeping heavy speaker-cabling at floor level and preserving the clean, dramatic look their customers so value.”

Made from cast aluminum with audiophile-grade, solid-metal multi-way connectors these sure should sound as cool as they look – but made out of glass still seems weird to me.

Via [Waterfall Audio]

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