Google and wind power: Another giant (green) step for knowledge seekers

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Wind Power

Although it is unlikely you have ever seen Google’s name paired with the words “wind power,” the independent, Internet search engine is now considering generating its own electricity by harnessing power from the wind. (This dos not apply to bags of wind and hot air located in specific but at the moment nameless sections of the world.)
Bob Berkebile, a partner with BNIM Architects of Kansas City, Missouri, told the residents of Greensburg, Kansas about the company’s plan to help rebuild the city that was devastated by a tornado last May.
He said:

“Although it is still early in the process, Google is currently doing feasibility studies on the possibility of building a 20-megawatt, wind-powered data center in Greensburg, Kansas.”

The goal is to go “carbon neutral” in the next year (hey, it’s here), and seeking out alternative forms of energy has become a priority. Google has already installed nearly 10,000 solar panels at its Mountain View, California headquarters, which provides 1.6 megawatts (about one-third) of the facility’s needs.

The ultimate goal is to create a research group composed of engineers and energy experts to work on ways to tackle solar and wind power for a much lesser price. If this becomes a reality, consumers would be able to purchase solar or wind power for less than current market rates.

Going green, therefore, my friends, has taken on a double meaning here.

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