Reduced Privacy in 2007

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1984 may have arrived in 2007 with a report by Privacy International and the Electronic Privacy Information Center reporting that “in 2007 more nations than ever ranked as places where surveillance had become endemic”.

The 1,000 page report concluded that privacy protection got worse in 2007:

  • The move toward greater surveillance had left the fundamental right to a private life “fragile and exposed.”
  • The report found no nation which consistently tried to uphold privacy or gave substantial help, legislative or otherwise, to protect personal data.
  • Greece topped the table of 47 countries ranked in the report and was the only one that was identified as having “adequate safeguards against abuse.”
  • Most countries surveyed were classed as having “some safeguards but weakened protections” or a “systemic failure” to defend citizen’s private lives.

The nine countries where surveillance was deemed to be endemic were England, Wales, Malaysia, China, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the US.

Now doesn’t that make you feel all safe at night?

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