Gadgetell rolls into 2008 with a refreshed look

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If you are reading this I expect that you have noticed the new look, here at Gadgetell. We have been working hard the past three months to roll out this new design right in time for 2008. Though we continue to face server issues, the design and some backend work are both helping to resolve the problem.

As part of the new look you will notice that we switched from a deep red/maroon shade to solid red. We also upgraded the background on the header from silver to gold. The browser/categories have been reworked a bit a as well and we will continue to optimize the listing across the top. Don’t think we forgot about the other categories, they can be accessed via the “More>>” link on the navigation bar.

New additions include a “Featured Content” area as well as “Gadgetell Originals” in the second and third columns of the page. These will be two spots where you will find content that is 100% exclusive to Gadgetell, whether it be product reviews, unboxings/peep shows, interviews, podcasts, or analysis. Expect these to start populating as we move into CES mode.

To promote the network we have redesigned our network site listings at the very top of the page, to be more sleek, as well as adding in a listing of the five most recent articles posted on Appletell and Gamertell (found in the 3rd column).

Finally, the site could not be where it is today without the help of the folks who write up our articles. We have now placed our Masthead on almost every page of the site to give these folks the recognition they deserve. We will also be adding author pages and other features to help you get to know the team better.

We are still working on a few more things (some final pages, a revised footer, and other tweaks), but that is basically it. We hope you enjoy the new look, as it is just the beginning of things to come in 2008. We would love to hear what you think via the comments below (good, bad, or indifferent)…

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  • Doug Berger

    Hi Everyone – I wanted to pop in and say hello. We've worked long and hard on the new design and are really looking forward to your feedback!


  • lisa

    love the new design! By the way, for anyone who's into new music, check out for the newest bands and musicians ie Architecture in Helsinki at

  • Andre Deminiac

    It's an improvement over what used to be here, but it still could use a lot of work.

  • Doug Berger

    @Andre – We welcome feedback – Care to elaborate?