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whitemouldI have always fancied having a set of earphones custom molded to be ears, but have always baulked at the price. So while many may think £149.99 is a lot to pay for earphones I have to say that for custom fitted ones they seem very reasonable indeed. The ER-6i from Etymotic Research and ACS are manufactured to your unique ear molds (you can find their nearest audiologist off their web site) within a fortnight of been measured, or whatever it is called when they take a mold of your ear?

The real benefit is that you can listen to music at a lower volume, so reducing distortion, due to the snug fit which prevents external noise getting in and your music leaking out.

[…]the tailor-made ER-6i Custom from Etymotic Research and ACS … are manufactured individually for your ear giving unrivalled comfort, incredible noise isolation and delivering range and clarity that you won’t have heard before. You’ll hear nuances of your favourite music that you’ve not previously noticed and you’ll be able to listen at comfortable levels, even in noisy environments such as busy city centres or aircraft cabins. Because your ER-6i Custom earphones are tailor-made for your ears you’ll get a perfect fit every time. With no aching or fatigue from prolonged usage you may very well forget that you are even wearing them allowing these tiny earphones to produce room-filling sound that will astound you.

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