CES 2008 Press Conference: Philips

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Philips Logo The Gadgetell team is now in the press room for Philips big announcement. Looks like the Vegas rain will hold off but the sun has yet to show. We’ll see if Philips plan can brighten this room any. Remember to hit Ctrl R or F5 to refresh to keep up with the action.

Live blog entries will update every 20 seconds.
at 9:32 technobot said:
Now he's speaking of the new crystal headphones and black crystal locks. He calls them hi-fashion, I call them ghetto.
at 9:29 technobot said:

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And he just admitted that he has over 21 TVs in his house. They're launching a new Blu-ray player - and just mentioned the Warner Bros. switch to Blu-ray. Also, Blockbuster is only offering Blu-ray. "The future is Blu".
at 9:28 technobot said:

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Building on the success of the Ambisound speaker systems, they're launching the new version which features a full 5.1 surround sound system via 1 piece. "It boasts HDMI inputs and 1080p upconverting."
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The HDMI 15 is also new and has an iPod dock on the body. Philips BTM 630 is for iPod, digital audio players, cellphone, CD, USB, SD, or MMC card. You can have your phone connected via Bluetooth and use it as a speakerphone.
at 9:25 technobot said:
The 7000 series has Invisible Sound System built in, and doesn't even have any holes. The sound comes from the back, and travels around the bezel of the case to get around the room. 1080p Panel, 120Hz clear LCD. 2ms Response time -- impressive.
at 9:23 technobot said:
Muller is touting the Ultimate Dream TV, a recipient of a CEA 2008 Design and Engineer Award. The design will come in a 7000, 5000, and a 3000 series.
at 9:22 technobot said:
Please welcome Stewart Muller, the head of our Philips Consumer Lifestyle Sales business in America. Muller is mentioning that they're going to expand their business and they have some "lofty ambitions." "The reinvention of Television"
at 9:20 technobot said:
They just showed a video touting the availability of Rhapsody on Philips devices in the U.S. Rowlen made mention that their goal is to "have every song in the world on their service." Sounds a lot like Google's mission, don't cha think?
at 9:17 technobot said:
Matt Rowlen, Vice President of RealNetworks, Inc. is taking the stage with Andreas for an announcement...
at 9:14 technobot said:
"98% of women consider style when they are making a purchase..."
at 9:14 technobot said:
"More than 50% of purchases are made by women" - in the personal care business.
at 9:13 technobot said:

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The TV has a white border that lights up -- kind of a next step in their Ambilight. "Simple, but not simplistic". "here in the united states, women will influence 40% of consumer electronics purchases... in a 200 billion dollar business."
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at 9:11 technobot said:
We're taking the design concept one step further with some of the new launches today, including Design Collection. Some TVs that were hanging on the back of swivels spun around and revealed themselves, and we're now watching another PR video. The new Design Collection looks kind of like the new iMac in a way...
at 9:08 technobot said:
In a world where technology is pretty much effective 100% of the time, he says, that design is next in line.
at 9:06 technobot said:

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We're focusing on the consumer experience. He just recognized that the video playing at the beginning was an abstract piece, and he says it goes along with their vision as the "Reinvention of the TV".
at 9:04 technobot said:
"We've stayed true to improving the quality of our consumers lifes..."
at 9:03 technobot said:
I forgot to mention, he's the "Executive Vice-President Royal Philips Electronics" as well. Quite a decorated man...
at 9:02 technobot said:
"Please welcome Andrea Ragnetti, CEO Philips Consumer Lifestyle" Andrea is explaining how he is taking over the Lifestyle products and consumer electronics, and the former guy is now in charge of lighting.
at 9:01 technobot said:
Photos of the scene are on their way. As usual, Philips has their white themed room with the slogan "Sense and Simplicity." Right now we're watching a bizarre film where there's a lady touching a Philips Flat Panel.
at 8:59 technobot said:

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"Ladies and Gentlemen... please take your seats... our program is about to begin."
at 8:59 technobot said:
Alrighty folks, were here in the Philips press conference at CES 2008, and yes, we're live. If you've joined us for our other press events today, you'll be happy to hear that Philips is actually serving WiFi for us.
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