Vizio creates “Instant” 5.1 audio system for slim LCD HDTV’s

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Vizio has become the first TV manufacturer to offer a complete home theater solution that includes a flat panel HDTV and a complete 5.1 audio system with the launch of the Jive SV5.1 Enhancement Kit which it claims makes home theater installations easy and attractively reduces cable clutter.

The SV5.1 is designed to combine with the SV42LF or SV47LF ‘Black Tie’ range of LCD HDTV’s to provide an affordable Home Theater system. It uses the internal left and right speakers, so only needs to add the center, rears and sub-woofer, which is wireless and transmits through 2.4GHz.

Sound quality is provided via 560-watts with a total peak power (70-watts RMS) of high quality digital sound that is said to be good enough for all but the most discerning of ears.

With less wires, an easy set up process and an attractive price this is a system worth looking at for your first Home Theater set up.

The Vizio Jive SV5.1 Enhancement Kit will carry an estimated retail price of $299.00 and will be available in July 2008.

Via [Vizio]

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