Sharp announces Aquos Net; smart comes to LCD TVs

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Sharp D64
Sharp just unveiled their Aquos Net, a feature to come on all their LCD TVs to not only aid users in set up but also to introduce a new thinking in how you interact with your TV. I walked away from the Sharp conference most impressed with this concept.

Aquos Net -which sounds to me like hairspray, but lets move on- brings online content as well as real-time customer support to your LCD TV. Using an ethernet adapter, your TV not only becomes connected in a big way but it becomes content filled through customizable widgets. Announced early partnerships for the widgets will be with WeatherBug, stock quotes from NASDAQ and Uclick – a collection of online comics and games,, NBC Universal and finally an Aquos gallery of images that make you pat yourself on the back for making such a wise investment in technology. These widgets can be viewed full screen or half screen all with just the touch of a button.

The real-time customer support is pretty handy, especially if their call center if overseas. Agents, with permission from you can access setting, make changes and make your TV work, well after you would have figured it out. Other stand out features are a FAQ for scouting the problems before contacting Sharp as well as an onscreen owners manual and even access by the agent to set up your remote control.

Company site [Sharp USA]

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