Philips announces new Bubble headphones

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Philips Bubble Headphones

Philips recently announced their new fun, colorful, unique style of headphones, dubbed the Bubble in-ear headphones. Philips claim they express users personality, and allow them to be different from what everyone else uses. They also come in 3 colors – pink, green, and blue.

“Music is more than just a hobby for many people, it’s an essential way of showing off individual personality and style,” said Glenn McIlmail, vice president, customer marketing Peripherals and Accessories, Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America. “We have developed the Philips Bubbles range of headphones so that music lovers can find a headphone that matches their personality and reflects the real individual. The new range offers much more than just great sound quality, giving people who want to brighten up their listening a new colorful device to reflect their true personality.”

The vibrant colors are much different than the traditional colors of silver and gray found on many headphones. It also comes with a music-sharing adapter, so you can listen to music with your friends. Philips claims that these headphones also deliver great sound quality as well as superior comfortability.

They also feature a mini-cord keeper to manage the cord and dangles and from things getting knotted up. The Philips Bubbles headphones come in models of SHE3620, SHE3621 and SHE3622, they will also be available for purchase in March, and are expected to retail for around $15.

Be sure to check out the Philips booth at CES to check out this and other products.

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