IsBebo the best social network?

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bebo I must confess to being surprised by the Computing Which? magazine’s finding that Bebo is better than Facebook and MySpace for a number of factors, including ease of set up. I am not surprised by MySpace, I don’t think anybody actually thinks it is designed well or easy to use, but Facebook seems to the most frequently quoted so I just sort of assumed that it would be seen as the best. So much for assumptions…

The test looked at a number of areas including ease of use, range of features, and the way the sites protected privacy and security. Bebo and Facebook faired well at 79% and 74%, and both beat MySpace for ease of use and socializing benefits. Where Bebo scored really well though was on its policy towards responsible networking:

“Users can restrict who sees their information, and block users, and there’s plenty of advice on security risks and how to avoid these”, said the magazine.

Of the other sites tested MySpace received an overall score of 67%, while Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces scored 65%, ahead of Friends Reunited site at 62%. At the other end of the age range Saga Zone – which is aimed at the over-50s – was given a maximum five star rating for their performance, and was also recognized for their discussion groups.

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  • Antonio

    And Bebo's best feature? They won't show your information to third party web sites… Yet.