2008 to be a tough year for Facebook

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It looks like 2008 isn’t going to be the most comfortable year for Facebook, as if 2007 wasn’t dramatic enough with some pretty high profile negative news items:

  • The Beacon fiasco
  • Fake celebrity profiles
  • The Scoble squabble over number of online friends

The main problem that Facebook faces, ironically, is that is has rapidly become the social networking site of choice for bloggers, journalists, politicians etc who see MySpace for kids and LinkedIn as too professional. Why could this be bad news? Because “it will be the focus of attention in any story about the impact and evolution of online activity simply because it is the site that MPs and columnists know about.” So that old PR adage about no PR being bad PR may not be the case anymore then!

Via [BBC]

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  • The Pasty Muncher

    I'm not so sure – many like myself have all three including MySpace for and LinkedIn as too professional.

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