The Power Air ZPac 40: One Mighty Power Pack Indeed!

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The Consumer Electronics Show has been the launching board for many new products. Amoung them this year is this amazing recharger, the ZPAC 40 Zinc Air Powerpack, which represents the first commercial product from the Power Air Corporation. This lightweight, compact, recyclable “CellPac” that easily fits inside a shirt pocket provides the equivalent energy to 40 AA alkaline batteries. For those who may not know, this is enough to recharge a mobile phone more than ten times!

The ZPAC 40, which can be used anywhere and anytime, is guaranteed to provide safe, personal portable power without need of an electrical outlet. It provides extra runtime for travel, emergency, remote and recharging power applications by supplying energy via a mini-USB port. Adaptors are available to connect to most devices that do not have such ports.

Power Air is headquartered in Livermore, California with research facilities in Vancouver. This forward-thinking company is focused on providing Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC)-based products for the mobile electronics and transportation markets.

According to Remy Kozak, President and CEO of Power Air Corporation:

“Each innovation adds to both the ‘necessity’ for continuous availability of the handheld device and to its power-appetite. With traditional batteries struggling to maintain acceptable runtimes, there exists a portable ‘power gap,’ and Power Air is well positioned to exploit this market opportunity with its Zinc Air Fuel Cell technology.”

The ZPAC 40 is expected to be available to consumers in October of this year.

Happy recharging!

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