The CSN-7040, CIN-7000: Portable Navigation Devices with tactile feedback

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Korea seems to be the launching pad for innovation when it comes to new technology and the world of portable navigational devices (PND’s) is currently madly spinning. Computer Telephone Technology (CTT-Net) is now ready to launch its two newest PND’s to a waiting world.

The CSN-7040 is the very first portable navigation device to incorporate Immersion’s TouchSense system, which enables tactile feedback on touch-screens. The CIN-7000 is a built-in car navigation system that also uses the TouchSense technology and improves general safety by reducing the “glance-time” while driving. Both navigation units have a 7-inch touch screen and a DMB receiver for satellite downloads.

CTT-Net is a company known for providing computer and telephone systems to commercial, industrial and institutional customers, specializing in multi-office connectivity and solutions. Its innovative technology allows users to take full advantage of their networks for both voice and data applications. Other companies are getting the drift as LG, Nokia, Samsung and 3M Touch Systems have all obtained licenses for TouchSense, which means that more devices in a multitude of fields will soon hit the mobile market. (Some have already.)

So hurry and get these portable navigation devices. It’s almost time to get lost again.

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  • Technology Transfer

    Mobile phones are transforming into pocket computers and such companies such as CTT are at the beginning of a long journey into the this technological evolution path that we are set on.