Acer prepping a laptop to compete with the Eee PC?

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It seems like everyday we are seeing a new ultra-portable laptop hitting the market. Lately most are being called the Eee PC killer, which I suppose would be a compliment to the folks over at Asus. Just recently we have seen Everex introduce the Cloudbook and now we are seeing reports that Acer is soon to be prepping a similar ultra-portable.

The Acer laptop is rumored to have either an 8- or 9-inch display and be priced and spec’d similar to the Eee PC. The new laptop from Acer is expected to be available in late Q1 or early Q2 2008. With a few months before this is even supposed to be available it should be interesting to see what happens with the Cloudbook and what else Asus can show us; possibly a second generation of the Eee.

Via [DigiTimes]

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