LaCie hires hand of iPhone fame; also announces new HD

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LaCie Little DiskAh, the illustrious world of hand modeling; such a small world. Just when the iPhone hand model was getting worried that his phone was not ringing off the hook with calls from Apple about a iPhone 2.0, he gets a gig with LaCie. Perhaps the new role doesn’t have the fame of his former one, but LaCie is making a heavy-handed move to sex up USB HDs.

Meet the forthcoming Little Disk. Packing 30 or 40 (two options, not an indecision) GB of memory these USB 2.0 discs are curiously good looking and were designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht. Sam Hecht is a celebrated design who lays claim to a piece in the MoMA, impressive.

At just over 2 1/2″ x1 1/2″ the size is small. The unit comes with one click back up utility software for PC and Mac. The USB connector is hidden in a removable cap for protection. Price is $129 for 30GB and is said to be available in mid-February. For the 40GB price will be $159 with no release projected.

Product page [LaCie]

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