Low-cost mini PC: The $130 Ripple-Mini

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Ripple-Mini PC (front)

We are seeing a growing trend towards low-cost computing these days, some being the larger tower style PC’s such as the Everex gPC and the Linspire-based Mirus Innovations that we mentioned yesterday and some are taking the mini approach. Enter the Ripple-Mini, a nice looking small form factor PC from Ripple.

The Ripple-Mini is currently only going to be available in Korea but is retailing for just €90, which is around $130 US. It will feature an Intel Celeron M215 processor at 1.33GHz, D201 GLY Intel motherboard, 1GB RAM, SiS 662 North Bridge and SiS 964L South Bridge. The case measures in at a small .78-inches x 11.8-inches x 8.66-inches. Click through for a nice shot of the guts…

Ripple-Mini PC (inside guts)

Via [AkihabaraNews]

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  • Larrañaga

    It seem like something is on the Air… because .78 inches looks like too small for me, or $130 is too cheap: Apple charge $1800 for .76 inches.