BlackBerry 9000 specs updated, this time for the better

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We thought the specs were all but set for the upcoming BlackBerry 9000, but according to the latest report they have changed, this time with some extra goodies. Originally the 9000 was set to have just 2.5G EDGE technology which has been upgraded to include UMTS and HSDPA support. In addition to the 3G coverage the operating system is expected to be launched as 4.3.2 with a fast upgrade to the brand new 5.0.0, and when we say fast it really means by the end of the year.

Pricing and availability information have not yet been released, however some expect the announcement to come during the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in May.

Click through for a few more pics of the sleek looking 9000…

BlackBerry 9000 (inside)

BlackBerry 9000 (back)

Via [Boy Genius Report]

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  • JamesVMoore

    A true 3G BlackBerry is just what we need! Unfortunate timing for 8800 series owners if the 9000 releases soon. The faster Processor will be welcome too.