Gadgetell Review: Logitech diNovo Keyboard

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Logitech diNovo Keyboard

Product: diNovo Edge Keyboard by Logitech
Price: $199.00
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Pros: iPhone-like sexy, shiny, display-worthy; Bluetooth connectivity
Cons: Lack of a number pad hurts.
Overall: Great looking/good working keyboard sets the bar for designer keyboards. $199 may sound steep for keyboard lacking a number pad.

Two months ago, I would have told you keyboards really don’t matter that much. That was before I stared using the diNovo EdgeKeyboard from Logitech. Now, I am firm believer in dropping some serious money for a decent finger tapping inputting device. The diNovo Edge changed my mind.

The Look
For starters, the diNovo is truly drop dead gorgeous; it is a designer keyboard. The one piece top panel is cut from plexiglass and is super glossy. There are lights beneath the glass giving you various indicators like caps lock. The keyboard comes with this swanky display/recharger. That is how serious the Logitech team is about the look of this keyboard, the recharge stand is a display. How great is that?

Adding to the good looks is a touch sensitive volume adjuster that works well. A TouchDisk is a round disc that allows you to use it as a mouse or scroll wheel. It worked just OK, it wasn’t as slick as the other highlights of the keyboard and didn’t really fit well with the rest of the high-end image. Logitech made this keyboard so it could live near your couch, where you wouldn’t have access to a mouse, so it can be forgiven.

Thin is in.
Supermodel thin diNovo KeyboardThe diNovo is supermodel thin and flat. It is 11mm thick and has a brushed aluminum wristpad that does a good job cradling your wrists while you type. Being this thin, you’d think Logitech would have to cut corners on battery life. Not so, this keyboard goes for months in my tests without recharging. Unbelievable for something I bang on incessantly. Much more than I expected for battery life, well done.

The works.
The typing position was very natural for me, and I used to crank up the legs on the front of my Dell OEM keyboard. They keystroke is very posh feeling, you know you are not on a cheap keyboard here. As I mentioned the mouse/scrolling circle didn’t cut it for me, but it was possible to use to navigate in a pinch. Not using the wheel wasn’t a big deal. I don’t use the zoom keys or sleep mode, but they are all out there around the main QWERTY keys if you need them. Overall, the keyboard worked great.

This keyboard needs Windows (Vista or XP) and Bluetooth (USB dongle included). Price includes keyboard, dongle, recharging/display stand and 3 year warranty.

I love this keyboard. Call me a snob, but it has become the benchmark not just in style but in function as well. Everything else now feels cheap. Not having a number pad is the only omission to an otherwise super keyboard and my biggest gripe.

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  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    It works with Mac OS X, too, but some of the features like multimedia keys don't work.