The Powerstick; a portable USB charger

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Powerstick USB Charger

Having more gadgets will at some time or another lead to worrying about having enough power to get though the day. Enter the Powerstick, a USB charging device that is small and portable and should be able to give you a charge while on the go. The Powerstick weighs just 40 grams and ships with a variety of connectors that will work with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung as well as the Apple iPod and iPhone. It features a small LED display that will show you how much power is left, the Powerstick itself can fully charge from any USB port in 90 minutes. It is currently available and retails for around $70. Sounds like a device I would have loved to have prior to CES, maybe then I would not have had to worry as much about draining my iPhone’s battery.

Product [Powerstick] Via [SlashGear]

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