Enter Robopult: The industrial Godzilla

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For the technologies that fall into the catapult category, enter Robopult, the newest and most terrifying metallic sight since Godzilla crushed a city that got in the way of his last good will tour fifty some odd celluloid years ago. Robopult is unlike the others of its ilk; namely, the ballista and the catapult, as Robopult is perfectly capable of flinging fireballs and just about anything else you can imagine in the air! This industrial robotic arm that is transformed into a computerized demon hurler is not for everybody in more ways than one.

At the cost of $70,000, this arm is still a one-trick pony, capable of throwing anything at high speed. The Robopult was not actually designed for sale and was a short-term project that was used a few times. Even if you must have one and can afford the prohibitive price, there are additional costs to its operation. These include: a truck rental for $716, gas for the truck (about $72) and bowling balls to hurl (about $60). So in addition to renting an arm, this will cost you an additional arm and also a leg with all these supplemental costs of about $1,000.

Stick with your erector set. Leave blowing up things to dead Japanese pilots and others.

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