Compex shock therapy: Electrocution and the new you

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Compex Sport

Scary and compelling are two words which describe the feelings of a Sport user who would rather remain anonymous. The $899 device electrically stimulates and revives muscle tissue that ordinarily wouldn’t get activated. If this conjures images of how Frankenstein was created, you better proceed at your own risk (which you might want to do even if it doesn’t).

The Sport by Compex is the latest piece of athletic gear to enter the United States. This amazing device is geared to those who pursue athletics as a hobby and who don’t have the time to train (and torture themselves) as much as they might like to. Still, the need to outdo anyone who might be watching prevails, as one slaps on electrodes and begins the shocking Compex full body experience.

The device does cause pain, but despite this it actually reduces the potential for injuries because regular usage over time helps to build up muscle tissue, which subsequently relieves pressure off joints and bones. According to Heiko Van Vliet, a European marketing manager for Comtex and a coach and trainer who works with the CSC bicycling team and the Norwegian national skating team:

“Because you don’t have to lift large amounts of weights or run an extraordinary large number of miles to get an intense workout, the wear and tear on joints, bones, and cartilage gets reduced. “With this, we are able to do in 25 seconds what you have never felt in your life and for professional athletes, it is a must.”

It only takes a few seconds for the electrodes to do their job as stimulation works by tricking the body. To get muscles to contract in an ordinary situation, the brain sends an electrical signal to the appropriate nerves, which then stimulate the muscle fiber. Compex also recommends working out with a trainer initially.

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