Microsoft Windows Mobile refuses to die

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Microsoft Group Product Manager for Windows Mobile Scott Rockfeld says, “”We are definitely moving into making Windows Mobile come alive for the consumer.” This says to me -and anyone else using Windows Mobile- “it has been a dead product for years and we’ve been faking the updates.” So, Microsoft is filling an open position for its VP of Marketing for mobile communications and will pump Zumobi, which sounds like a character from Star Wars Episode 2, but is in fact a bit of software that aims to make WM better for web browsing.

According to PC World, analysts believe Microsoft will focus its development on the cash-rich nice of enterprise applications. Which, beyond support for MS Exchange is completely lost on me as Word and Excel readers/editors are lame at best (on Windows Mobile) thanks in part to the small screen these devices have and in part to the software that refuses to acknowledge the small space needs.

The rumor mill points to an ’09 release of WM7. Adding more marketing power isn’t going to help, that’s my take. What is yours? Is Windows Mobile nearing the end of the rope?

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